This guideline applies only to speakers who have been invited to give a lecture during the congress.
Please read the following instructions to submit your lecture abstract, curriculum vitae (CV), and lecture slides.

Important Dates

Deadline for lecture abstract(include CV) submission: August 11, 2019

Submitting your lecture and CV

  • Please click on the banner below that states ‘17th KJJM and 34th KOSSM slide submission,’ and follow the instructions.
  • Once your submission process is finished, you will receive a confirmation number and password via e-mail.
    Further corrections of your work will be possible until the deadline.
    • You will not receive a confirmation number and password if the submission process is not finished properly.
  • There is no required format for your CV. It will be sent to the session chair, along with the lecture. Please make sure to upload your CV within the deadline.

Deadline for lecture slide submission: September 22, 2019

Submitting lecture slides

  • The process of submission is the same as the lecture and CV submission
  • The size limit for all your lecture files is 10 megabytes. If you have more than one file, please submit it as one file using zip file (.zip).
  • In case you upload your lecture slide and choose to use this during your presentation, you do not need to bring your file in the day of lecture.